24/7 Drop In

The Vancouver Recovery Club is a safe and drug-free 24-hour drop-in and referral centre that provides immediate support for clients seeking help with addiction and recovery. Operating since 1983, the Drop-in Centre offers peer to peer support, alcohol and drug counselling, and referral services for clients seeking detox, treatment, recovery houses, shelters, and other support services as required. Furthermore, the centre operates a canteen (snack bar) and provides meeting rooms for 12-step group meetings throughout the day and evening.

The VRC is the only 24-hour drop-in and referral centre of its kind in Vancouver.

  • 24 hour canteen and telephone
  • 24 hour games room
  • 24 hour free internet access
  • 24 hour peer to peer programing
  • Free hair cut program once a month
  • Alcohol and Drug Counselling Mondays 4:00PM – 8:00PM
  • Monthly clean and sober celebrations and events
  • Zero barriers to service

For general club inquiries, club information, questions, comments or concerns please contact:

Bill Wong – Executive Director

The VRC 24-hour Drop-in Centre receives partial operational funding from:
Vancouver Coastal Health, Community Development Grants, and Provincial Gaming Grants.

Literature and Resources

We offer a selection of recovery related literature and medallions for sale. We also have reference materials for people to read and browse while they are visiting the club. For more information ask one of our staff or volunteers for details.

One on One Alcohol & Drug Counselling

Offered every Monday evening from 4 pm – 8 pm. Online option available.

VRC counsellor, Mike Horne, is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC). Mike has been working in the field of chemical dependency for over 20 years and has been a certified counsellor since 1996.

If you would like more information regarding this program you can click here to send Mike a confidential e-mail.


Our staff and volunteers have a library of resource contacts and phone numbers at our fingertips. From Detox to Recovery Houses to Shelters, we are prepared to help individuals find and access the services they require.

The VRC is committed to offering discreet, professional services and will treat all correspondence with utmost confidentiality.

Homeless Outreach Program

The VRC Homeless Outreach Program is a street-team of trained front-line workers that provide compassionate assistance to the homeless in the Mount Pleasant area. In November of 2005, the VRC Outreach Program was created with seed funding from the Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Association.

In August of 2007, it became a vital component of the Vancouver Homeless Outreach Project, which then established partnership with the Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance (MEIA).

The VRC Street Outreach Program is structured to service the Mount Pleasant homeless community in two distinct ways:

  1. It “fast-tracks” street homeless to apply for and receive Income Assistance and places them into permanent housing, on the same day of service. Follow-up services are included.
  2. It acts as a community liaison by providing the homeless community with support services involving time-sensitive referrals that promptly place the individual into an appropriate shelter, detox or otherwise necessary health-care treatment. Other services include distribution of food and clothing as well as counselling services wherever required.

For more information on the VRC’s Homeless Outreach Program, please contact:
Bill Wong- Outreach Manager

The Outreach Program receives operational funding from: BC Housing.