Musician Showcase!!

The Originals Musician Showcase returns for its first show of 2017 on Friday, January 27! Tickets are $5 at the door. Come out and enjoy some of the talent in our recovery community.
Further details can be found on our facebook page

The Originals Musician Showcase

The Originals is a night of live performances by people in recovery for people in recovery. Providing a safe space to both perform and watch, for over 2 years, this has proven to be one of the most exciting nights at the Club. Come on down, bring a friend, and enjoy a night of great performances! Only $5 at the door or $2.50 with proof of residence in a recovery facility.

Music Is…

This new group will be held Sundays at 3:15pm-5:15pm. The basic idea of this group is for us to sit and share with each other, much like a meeting but using music as an extra tool. We can request songs we’d like to hear, pick up an instrument and play something we know or created, look at lyrics or anything music related that can help us in our recovery. If music is a part of your recovery or you’d like it to be, please come and check it out! FREE!