The Saferide Program is a mobile response unit dedicated to providing safe transportation, within the healthcare system, for clients with alcohol and drug problems who are seeking relief from their addictions. The program works in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health, the Vancouver Police Department, Emergency Health Services, the Vancouver Fire Department, the City of Vancouver and other agencies dedicated to providing services to addicts seeking recovery. Since 1995, Saferide has been operating as part of the Vancouver Recovery Club, which has seen the service expand and become an essential part of its serviced community.

The function of the Saferide Program is to respond to service calls from its partners and collaborating agencies. The two types of calls Saferide responds to are: emergency and non-emergency transportation (shuttle) requests.

In responding to calls, the Saferide program alleviates significant workloads from paramedics, police officers as well as other emergency response units and agencies that are otherwise not equipped to treat or work with individuals that are intoxicated with alcohol and drugs

For more information on VRC’s Saferide Program, please contact:
Bill Wong – Saferide Manager

The Saferide Program receives operational funding from: Vancouver Coastal Health.